3 HSE Golden Rules for Workplaces

3 HSE Golden Rules for Workplaces

The 3 HSE Golden Rules for workplaces provides guiding principles for the management of health and safety at work. They are:

  1. Comply with laws/regulations, standards and procedures
  2. Intervene in all unsafe conditions/acts and promote safe practices
  3. Promote safety culture through visible leadership and commitment
3 HSE Golden Rules for Workplaces
Group of HSE Professionals on Inspection

Implement these rules to stay safe always

Rules are made to guide, rules are made to direct and rules are made to prevent uncertainties.
Do you know why these are golden rules? It’s very simple. They are the rules that change the game in the management of health, safety and environment. They are golden because they do magic for organizations and have the potential to prevent all forms of accidents at all times.

How do you apply the golden rules:

1. Identify all applicable HSE laws in your industry of operations and comply with them. There are various forms of health and safety legislation across the globe. Always ensure that you comply with at least the minimum requirements of the law as violation could result to sanctions or litigation.

Though standards are not mandatory like laws, standards provides guidance for effective delivery on the requirements of the law as such compliance with HSE standards is as important as compliance with legislation. Also develop HSE or work procedures  internally and take into consideration the practical steps for undertaking jobs properly and safely. Furthermore, violation of procedures is a serious offense. kindly deal with all violations with your internal disciplinary machinery. Do not hesitate in ensuring that all your personnel follow designed procedures and work safely at all times.
2. Unsafe actions or acts breed accident at work if not identified and controlled. Preventing accidents at work requires organizations to set up an hazard identification systems that will help them track down all work related hazards

Immediate and long term intervention measures should be made for every hazards be it unsafe acts or conditions identified. This can also be supported with encouraging safe practices throughout the organization through recognition and awards to personnel who have stood out in championing safety

3. Finally,  establish a sound safety culture through visible management leadership and commitment across all sections of your organization. However, there’s need for competency training, consultation, communication and conscious management commitment to health and safety of the personnel.

Who should apply the golden rules

Do you ever bother to ask yourself a question on why accident occurs and the losses involved? Although not everyone will not understand this but the answer is very simple. Accident is no respecter of any body as such it occurs when anyone breaks the rules. Also breaking of rules leads to system failure and system failure results to accident.

The principle of accident prevention is very simple. Observe the golden rules and stay alive and uninjured at all times at home and work. Do not get hurt due to negligence, carelessness and ignorance.

3 HSE Golden rules are very clear and simply to comply with. It is meant for everyone no matter the industry or status. Golden rules improves self and corporate management of health and safety of the people, asset and environment. Though the concept of golden rules are broad, streamline it to your area of operation. Commit resources to it and apply it religiously.

For business owners or managers:

Establish a HSE policy with strategic health, safety and environmental objectives and targets for your organization. Design and implement your health, safety and environment management plan in line with the statutory requirement.

Assign health and safety responsibilities to your workforce and give them training as well. Develop a risk profile for your company and document them. However, this will require the services of a health and safety personnel for more technical on this regard. Meanwhile do not loose sight of your daily health and safety performance.

Documentation of your your health and safety policy statements, plans and safety performance will drive your consciousness  of health and safety. Continuously evaluate the system performance in with your objectives. You can conduct a system audit and review from time to time.


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  1. It is interesting to go through these rules and also the rules available to both employees and contractors. Efforts are being made in Gamification of these rules for the benefit of up and coming young people based on developing contemporary digital systems.

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