5 Most Disastrous Oil and Gas Accidents in History

1. Piper Alpha Platform Disaster
Location: Northern North Sea
Date: 06 July, 1988
Fatalities: 167
This is the biggest offshore oil disaster in history. It claimed 167 lives and estimated losses of £2 billion (the equivalent of US$ 5 billion today). The offshore oil disaster affected 10% of UK oil production. Read more

2. Alexander L. Kielland Drilling Rig Accident
Location: Northern North Sea
Date: 27th of March 1980
Fatalities: 123
Alexander L. Kielland Drilling Rig was a floating apartment that housed 203 men who worked nearby Edda oil rig in the Ekofisk field, 235 miles east of Dundee, Scotland. The platform, held up by two large pontoons, had bedrooms, kitchens and lounges and provided a place for workers to spend their time when not working. At about 6:30 p.m. on that March 27th, 1980 the platform collapsed due to some structural issues. The incident claimed 123 lives as many workers drowned. Read more

3. Drillship Seacrest Accident
Location: Gulf of Thailand
Date: 3rd of November 1989
Fatalities: 91
The drillship secret owned by Unocal Corporation and operated by Great Eastern Drilling and Engineering company was sunk by Typhoon Gay in the Gulf of Thailand on 3 November 1989. 91 rig workers were killed out of 97 crew members after the vessel capsized resulting. Read more

4. Ocean Ranger Rig Disaster
Location: Coast of Canada
Date: 15th of February 1982
Fatalities: 84
Prior to the 15th February, 1982 specifically on a Valentine’s Day,a terrible storm rages off the coast of Newfoundland. On the Grand Banks, the Ocean Ranger, the world’s mightiest drilling rig was pounded by waves more than 20 metres high. At the height of the storm, the “indestructible” rig begins to tip over, then capsized. All 84 men on board perished. It is Canada’s worst tragedy at sea since the Second World War. Read more

5. Glomar Java Sea Drillship Disaster
Location: China Sea
Date: 25th of October 1983
Fatalities: 81
The drillship Glomar Java Sea owned by Global Marine capsized and sank with all hands in the China Sea on October 25th, 1983 leading to the loss of 81 lives. The US Coast Guard investigated the incident and published the rport to years after the incident. Read more

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