Starting a career in HSEQ can be very simple and opportunity is opened for everyone since HSEQ is a multidisciplinary profession that can absorb people from all fields of studies. HSEQ basically comprises Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management. This makes the field so wide that Occupational Health Practitioners, Safety Engineers or Industrial Safety Practitioners, Environmental Managers and Quality Management Professionals and their various sub-fields can be accommodated and operates effectively.

HSEQ courses or training curriculum is designed anywhere in the world to specifically meet organizational HSEQ needs as such its curriculum might not take into consideration each of the individual courses in debt and broad scope as they are supposed to be offered individually. This creates an opportunity for people from other field of study who are interested in HSEQ to start up a career in HSEQ without recourse to their background and succeed in the field.

There are two levels of entries into the profession and are as follow:

  1. Academic Entry and
  2. Professional Entry

Academic Entry

This is an entry into the profession or becoming a career HSEQ Practioner through undertaking HSEQ Course(s) in the colleges, universities or other academic institutions. HSEQ Courses are offered in many universities across the globe both at undergraduate and post graduate levels. Their entry requirements are very simple and easy to meet by anyone who might be interested. United Kingdom(UK), United States of America(USA) and other countries’ universities are doing so great in this field as they have offered Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management even up to PhD level. For instance, in UK many universities have been accredited by the UK Institute of Occupational Health and Safety(IOSH) which makes their HSEQ courses’ curriculums robust to deliver on the contemporary industrial HSEQ needs in the 21st century

Sometimes HSEQ may not be offered as a single course in the university but offered by their individual course component or combinations   e.g Occupational Health and Safety, Health Safety and Environment, Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Management, Occupational Hygiene, Environment and Quality management, Industrial Safety, Safety Engineering, Quality Control and Assurance etc. Taking any of these courses is a nice start up as other related skills and certifications could be obtained through undertaking professional course programmes in the related fields.

Professional Entry

Entry into the profession is also very possible through undertaking professional courses and gaining membership into professional organizations like IOSH, IRSM etc. Professional courses HSEQ are offered both at lower and higher levels by professional organizations or consultants. This provides an opportunity for beginners or people from other fields of study and professions to be absorbed into HSEQ profession having undertaking the professional courses and gain professional certifications.

There are both local and international professional organization that oversees HSEQ all over the world(check your country to know HSEQ professional bodies in your country). The leading and the biggest international professional body is the UK IOSH. It has members across every country in the world and huge global recognition.

Lower level professional certifications courses can be offered by local professional organizations. This is a good start for the beginners. It offers the beginners the simple HSEQ skills which can be built upon through further studies, certifications and experience.

However, higher level professional certifications courses could also be offered by local professional organizations if they have the technical capacity to do so but mostly offered by international certification bodies like IOSH, and international certification examinations like the Uk National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health(NEBOSH) of different levels are also available. Other Institutions like Oil and Gas Safety Council(OGSC), US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) etc. have also provided an incredible platform for the development of HSEQ Professionals globally.

Conformance to international standards and global best practice in the field of HSEQ has been made practicable through various HSEQ Courses designed and promoted by ISO.  International Organization for Standardization(ISO) has  designed auditor’s certification courses for HSEQ Professionals who may want to venture into Audit. These include ISO 9001:2015(Quality Management System Lead Auditor Course), ISO 14001(Environmental Management System Lead Auditor Course), ISO 45001(Occupational Health and Safety Management System Lead Auditor Course) etc. These courses are offered by both local and international course providers and their certifications are globally accepted.

Final Note

Career opportunities are so many for everyone and anyone who may be interested in picking up a career in HSEQ. Entry into the profession is as easy and interesting as the profession itself. The profession doesn’t discriminate and professionals in the field of HSEQ are well regarded in all organizations anywhere in the world due to their strategic roles of saving lives and helping companies to achieve their business targets without losses.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management:

  • Makes the workplaces safer
  • Improves workers morale and productivity,
  • Ensures customers satisfaction
  • Helps organizations to fulfill their legal obligations
  • Protects and deliver a sustainable environment for all

Join HSEQ, let’s make the WORLD A SAFER PLACE

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