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Electrical Burns – Home Incident

Home Safety Incident- A Child Suffering Electrical Burns
A child burnt to death while biting live phone charger

Home Safety Incident- A Child Suffering Electrical Burns

Children are vulnerable class of human in all sense of it. This is because their sense of consciousness has not fully developed. They are exposed to all manners of health, safety and environmental hazards in schools, homes, churches, mosques and playgrounds.

Children need care at all times. They need direction and someone to protect them. Although protection of children is not a much intensive task, but still many guardians have failed in this responsibility. Many parents and care givers have left their children unattended to thereby making them exposed to hazards.

A child needs information and great care. This will help him or her develop her consciousness of the environment and things that will hurt them. Leaving children unguided  at home can result to life threatening incidents or fatalities. For example, the photo above shows an incident of electrical burns of a child who bites live electrical cable.

The death of the child amounts to huge loss to the parents and the world at large in all perspective. This happens everyday to many homes but still we do not do enough to stop it. Let us wake up and take actions because live lost cannot be recovered.


Since children are the greatest gift from God, all parents and guardian needs to commit resources to their safety. Take reasonable care of them always and carefully guide them through all what they do. Do not let your eyes off them any time any moment. Ensure that they are not exposed to health, safety and environmental hazards at home or in school.


  1. Provide a special room for your children as much as possible. Ensure that the room is totally free of anything that can hurt them
  2. Enroll your child in schools or facilities where there is reasonable level of safety and child care
  3. Maintain good housekeeping at home if you can not provide a special space for them. Do not allow them touch or get hold of dangerous objects
  4. keep dangerous substances away from them at all times.
  5. keep all electrical appliances far away from your children at home always
  6. Never leave your child unattended to.
  7. Carefully caution and correct them of wrong doings both at home and in schools
  8. keep in touch with their school teachers or care givers regularly to know the well-being of your wards
  9. Provide enough toys for your children. This will take away their attentions from appliances and installations at home
  10. Guide your children to cross roads until they are mature enough to do it by themselves.

In all your business, do not forget the importance of your children. Remember the right of children. They have the right to live, the right of care and safety. Do not violet these rights no matter the circumstances. Violation of the right of children is punishable in many countries of the world as such do not be a victim.

Report any child abuse to the nearest law enforcement agency for prosecution. Be your neighbor’s watch on matters relating to child safety. There are more than one millions that we should play to protect children because they deserve our love and care.

Think of the safety of your family members and think of safety all the times as home safety incident is on the increase.

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