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Health, safety, environment and quality management is key to the success of every organization.
The facts are as follows:
1. A well defined HSEQ objectives in an organization drives organizational processes toward achieving globally competitive products/services and put the organization on the part of growth and sustainability
2. Every organization wants to conduct business that is profitable. This can only be achieved by instituting effective and efficient HSEQ management systems that will guarantee the production of quality product and services that will meet customers`s expectations
3. Losses are setbacks to organizational growths and development as such instituting loss prevention programs through HSEQ management remains cardinal to the profitability of business
4. Businesses operate under the confine of national and international laws, regulations, guidelines and standards. Meeting legal compliance has become a core obligation of organization as such violations may attract litigation, penalty, compensation claims, conviction and other deterrents that can affect business. Effective and efficient HSEQ management system provides the enabling environment for legal compliance and conflict prevention between the company and the host community
5. Risk is a necessity but not a part of life. Various workplace HSEQ risks pose different levels of threats to the health and safety of the workforce and the environment where we do business. Effective and efficient management of workplace risks is key to preventing workplace incidents, injury and ill health to the workforce and creating a healthy environment for all
6. Environment is our life support system. A threat to the environment is a threat to lives and global existence. Operation of businesses if not carefully managed may haven negative impacts on the environment as such it is our collective responsibility to protect the environment where we do business
7. The most important asset of every organization is the workforce. A healthy workforce translates into a healthy and profitable business hence management of workers’ health, safety and welfare is a veritable tool that boost workers morale and improve productivity and this can only be guaranteed by efficient HSEQ management system.
8. According to ILO-OSH 2001, ‘injury do not go with the job nor poverty justifies reasons for poor health and safety’. The ‘duty of care’ places responsibility on the employer to cater for the health and safety of their workforce as far as is reasonably practicable. No excuse whatever for negligence and all employers must institute one level of HSEQ management system or the other
9. HSEQ is a multi disciplinary profession with no strict academic qualification requirements as quality and safety is the responsibility of everyone
10. HSEQ Professionals provide key HSEQ guidance to organization and help them achieve their objectives. Their roles are central to successful of every organization.
The profession is opened for all including you. With you we can deliver quality product/services, make our workplaces safe, safe the environment and make the world a better place.
Make the choice of becoming a HSEQ Professional today and we will help you grow and become a guru tomorrow.

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