WATCH: The flower vase that extinguishes fires – if your aim is right

Adam Bannister

Editor, IFSEC Global

A flower vase that you hurl at a fire instead of using a conventional fire extinguisher.

Once the absurdity has sunk in, it begs the question: What’s wrong with a regular fire extinguisher? If your aim is initially off with a conventional fire extinguisher, you can redirect accordingly.

With the Firevase, you get one chance (unless you have more than one) – one contingent on the quality of your bowling arm.

Samsung subsidiary Cheil Worldwide produces firevase. The Firevase is effectively a hand grenade for fires. It releases potassium carbonate  from the outer chamber when you smash the vase. A colorless liquid it releases quickly cools and suppresses the system. A smaller inner chamber holds water for your flowers which also helps in cooling the system.

The aesthetic appeal is obvious, if the sight of a bright red fire extinguisher jars with your interior decor. But fire safety is one discipline with little room for gimmicks.


However, dig a little deeper and it turns out this was a headline-grabbing way to encourage the use of fire extinguishers generally – which is laudable if it worked. And it did.

Dezeen reported that 100,000 Firevases were originally produced as part of a publicity campaign to promote the use of home fire extinguishers in South Korea. Only 58% of households in the country currently own one, according to research by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, despite a law being passed in 2017 making their installation in homes mandatory.

The proportion of homes equipped with a fire extinguisher rose by 8% after the original campaign and Cheil Worldwide is now producing 200,000 more of the vases. However, it’s unclear what proportion of this rise is accounted for by the Firevases themselves.

More than 10,000 residential fires occur every year in South Korea.

“When a fire breaks out, the effect one single fire extinguisher can have to help kill the fire in its early stage equals that of a whole fire truck,” said Cheil Worldwide. “Even if people do have one, they usually don’t take good care of it. They store it in hard-to-reach places or forget about it completely,” continued the company.

“So with the strategy to equip Koreans that were indifferent to fire safety with fire extinguishers, we created one that was unique so it would increase their desire to have one.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance said a survey revealed that 81% of respondents were now more aware of the importance of having a fire extinguisher at home as a result of the campaign, which included the video above and a print ad run in 46  newspapers and magazines.



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